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Mountaineering is the Height of Fun
A New Zealand Herald Article from many years ago...
Mountaineering is the Height of Fun 30 Jun, 2000 3:24pm Scaling a summit in the Hindu Kush
Richard Wesley tells GREG DIXON what it's like to leave the mundane world behind and, camera in hand, head for the peaks.
George Mallory had his reasons. The famous English mountaineer, who died nearly 80 years ago attempting Mt Everest, did it "because it was there."
Richard Wesley has his reasons too. But the young Auckland climber might well sum up his motives "because it's an adventure."
The 26-year-old electrical engineer recently spent three months climbing in the former Soviet Union province of Kazakstan and in north Pakistan.
The adventure took him up and down 12 summits, including four unclimbed mountains and one peak over 7000m. And he has the pictures to prove it.
"I do all sorts of outdoor sports - rafting, canoeing, caving, whatever'…