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Impostor in Paradise

Saving the world is meant to be hard work, and like the saying goes 'Work hard, play hard'. Somehow then an impostor like me in the humanitarian aid field in dusty hot Sudan ended up with over a week on the beach in the paradise of Zanzibar. The contrast between the two places was certainly quite something.

I spent a lot of time in the clear warm turquoise waters of the Indian ocean with several dives and lots of snorkeling. Elodie (expat doctor from Bentiu also on holiday) and I were able to experience the thrill together of cruising alongside a large turtle in about 12m of water which was amazing. It was wonderful to be able to spend so many hours swimming, relaxing and simply floating the day away.

People really make or break any part of life and so I count myself extremely lucky to have met so many great people in such a short time. The four Norwegian teachers also on break from work in Africa were wonderful friends for the first week, and then Trinity, Jim and Roger were gr…


At the three month point of a mission with MSF one gets a weeks leave to the nearest 'relaxing' country which translated to the Sudan situation seems to mean 'Zanzibar' to most volunteers. So here I am, in the warm and humid weather of the famous spice islands, surrounded by amazing clear turquoise water, and about to head out of the quaint little stone town and heard north to the beaches.

I look forward to getting in some diving, though it has been a while since I did any so I hope I remember how it all goes, and hope to meet up with Elodie, the doctor from Bentiu and her boyfriend if I can for some company. If not then there should be a few other people I hope around - if not then more time in the water I suppose.