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North Face of the Eiger

My year overseas came to an end with a little trip across to Switzerland for a couple of days skiing under the famous north face of the Eiger. The weather was not the kindest on the first day but with large amounts of snow falling and empty ski fields at half price for the beginning of the season, there was no reason to complain. Rode trains, giant cable cars, chair lifts with plastic covers and even skied off the top of the Schilthorn, the alpine set of an early James Bond film.

Actually since getting back from Lebanon most of my time has been in and around Paris, trying to learn a little of the French language, but with limited success. The weather has progressively moved to the colder end of the scale, with some snow falling the other day right in the middle of the city. While the city is still beautiful I can see the cold combined with short daylight hours makes a European winter quite harsh.

Some other trips around France in the last weeks have taken in the city sights of Strasbour…