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Christchurch in Ruins

"Wow, I think I've got a blown tire... in fact two front tires... maybe all my tires...?!?!"

I was driving along Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch, New Zealand, at 12:51pm on Tuesday 22nd February 2011, when the city's future was changed forever. It took me quite some seconds though to figure out what was happening when my car went suddenly out of control, lurching from side to side, the steering wheel with a mind of its own, and many thoughts kept racing through my head:

"...I can't have blown all my tires?!... in fact I'm stationary now... but the car is still shaking... the hydraulic power steering pump must be faulty... cars all seem to have on board computers don't they... maybe the car has come alive like in a science fiction movie...".

I was brought back into focus from my crazy theories by bricks crashing into the footpath on the other side of the road.

"...ah... earthquake... big earthquake... "

I was in the wrong place at the w…