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Does my arse look small in this...

Are you worried that you are losing your curves? Put on your favourite jeans on a Saturday night out on the town only to find them a bit baggy? Have had your significant other mutter something about eating a little more to fill out a bit?

Maybe what you need is padded underwear.

Now available from all good outdoor crazy markets in the backstreets of Dakar, just look alongside the wigs, printed t-shirts with spelling mistakes, extremely low lifespan jandals, and mass produced other junk.

Apart from this important discovery the other happenings of the month included birthdays for both Elodie and myself and a bit of kayaking. Elodie organised me a wonderful party with a great lot of people around for dinner. This also required a day in front of the oven and resulted in enough food for thousands. Most excellent to have good leftovers for the rest of the week. Elodie had a surprise party eight days later, held on the other side of town. This resulted in some minor problems trying to find the …