Geneva, International City

The international city, home of the old League of Nations, and now the european seat of the United Nations and headquarters for the Red Cross, WHO, WTO, UNHCR etc etc. There are a number of beautiful old buildings which is not surprising for a city with such a history, and plenty of museums. The real bonus though is the lake around which the city is built, complete with the highest fountain in the world, sending a column of water well over 100m high.

I'm staying with my friend Fiona just around the corner from the lake in a typical Geneva apartment, quite small and simple but with everything from the railway station, post office or supermarket right on the doorstep. All the advantages and disadvantages of high population density at once.

I've explored the city a bit, visiting the Red Cross museum and got myself a card for the UN library for the internet access. Fiona's friend here Jean Micheal has been very kind, with two rides into the Fench alps and a sailing outing on the wonderful Lake Geneva. It certainly must be lot easier keeping a boat in a fresh water lake than having to battle with salt water. Does make me want to go ocean sailing though, add that to the list of things to do.

The French alps are indeed amazing by the shear number of people who live and work in the region, with large numbers of houses dotting the landscape and motorways, cable cars and ski fields in sight at all times. Quite different from the undeveloped parks of New Zealand. Long live wilderness.


patrick said…
New Zealand just isn't half as much fun any more ;)

In fact it has rained every day since you left to Europe.

Ok, not entirely true - but still.. good luck in Darfur - will keep checking the blog.
San Nakji said…
How's the internet access in Darfur? I bet their highspeed is better than ours!

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