Castles and Chateaux

France is a wonderfully beautiful country with many different landscapes and a seemingly endless supply of picturesque tilled villages and grand chateaux and castles. I was very lucky to visit so many different fantastic places in a short time.

Some of my favorites included the grand bulk of Chambord with its double helix central staircase, the burial site of Leonardo De Vinci, and the ruins lit by the evening light of one of King Richard’s castles, my childhood hero, and of course the legendary San Michael perched on its rocky outcrop surrounded by the sea on all sides.


patrick said…
So it's great to hear about the lovely chateaux but in this case a picture says a thousand words ;)

When're you coming back to NZ anyway? Have we lost you forever?
Richard said…
hey there patrick, photos were a little delayed due to lack of broadband, all fixed for you now! i have now made it back down under with some horse riding in aussie before heading back to auckland first and then the mainland... so catch up with you soon...

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