Woops, just got pick pocketed in town and so am feeling stupid, angry, amused and sad all at the same time. Its my first time and just a moments thoughtlessness was all it took. I’ve had the friendly lads around in town a few times and keep my hands on my wallet and cell phone.

Tonight through we were walking between two nightclubs with friends up ahead, other friends dropping behind, lots happening, and my right hand holding onto Elodie just in front of me. Suddenly a very friendly chap is on my right, my hand goes to my phone in one pocket instinctively. There are people all around, pushing, shoving, then we are through it all. 100m on I let go of Elodie’s hand and instantly realise my wallet is gone from my other side pocket.

I feel stupid as the rouse was so obvious, angry because of the theft of my little wallet and credit card, amused as they did it well (and had read all about it in the guidebook), and sad as I will certainly have my guard up even more against the ‘friendly’ locals and maybe will be accidently harsh on some ‘real’ hospitality.


Anonymous said…
Hi Richard,
had a feeling your blog might be up and running again, sorry to hear about your wallet loss, hope you managed to get replacement cards etc. What's the food like over there? anything like Moroccan. We had a taste of wintery rain at the weekend, went to the Roxx and bumped into Geoff Mathias and kids randomly who said he had spoken to you! I'm sure the French over there is a bit corrupted with local slang/ accent hope the lessons are going well, what happens after may? Emma

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