Local Wildlife

The beaches of Senegal stretch to the south of Dakar and vary from highly developed tourist resorts to small little fishing villages. We have been spending the last few weekends exploring a few of them and the surrounding countryside. The heat of the sun in the middle of the day is so great that for me the only too options are hiding in the shade or complete immersion in the sea.

A nearby park known as Bandia Reserve provided some great photo opportunities with many large animals including rhino, giraffe, and antelope. Most of them are actually from South Africa, and the park is so small it could be called a very large zoo, but certainly well worth a visit if wanting to see such large beasts up close and in the open. We even managed to do it very cheaply by meeting some other helpful French woman who were able to include us in their hired car for the morning.

While out and about we have also met a host of great people, including fellow Dakar residents and travellers on an overland trip from the Spain all the way down through west Africa. The effort getting to some of these locations on the local buses is also an education, with regular stops and many enthusiastic salespeople trying to extract money from you!


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