Post Surgery Update from Elodie Mazoyer

From Elodie on behalf of Richard. Richard's surgeon just let me know the operation went well. Four and a half hours. Richard is now in recovery and I will see him in an hour or so. They took most of the tumor out as was planned (they couldn't take out the attachment to the meninge as it is too close to the big vein but they were able to cauterise it) which makes it a grade 2 (for the doctors out there), and for the non doctors, it is as good a result as you can get! And a very good prognosis.
Anyway, RIchard is now in recovery moving all 4 limbs. Lower limbs are slow but that is expected after the surgery as the brain reexpands (the surgeon also said Richard's brain was well compressed and edematous). Richard should recuperate most of his lower limbs motricity within the next 48 hours to be back where he was before surgery.
All for now
Love from us.


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