Goodbye Bentiu

I waved goodbye to Bentiu from the plane, having handed over my role to the new Logistics Administrator to a Frenchman named Jacques. After five and a half months my leaving was a subdued affair, as by a quirk of timing most of the team has been changed at the same time. With the MSF friends I had worked with so much during my time at the clinic already gone, it was good at least to have still some of the 'good old crew' from ACF for a few combined farewell and birthday drinks. They will almost all be replaced with
new volunteers in the next weeks as well.

I look back with fond memories of my time and I certainly learnt a lot about Africa, about MSF, about staff management, about getting along with people from completely different backgrounds and experiences to my own. The good times I had with the expats at the compound… Elodie, Marie No, Musa… really made up for the hardships of dealing with the problems of the

The MSF program at Bentiu requires revision, and this will mean definitely reducing the number of staff immediately, probably considering other medical priorities or directions in the short term, and perhaps closing the mission and handing over to the new hospital next door in the medium term.

I wasn't really sure what to do with my last day in south Sudan and so I ended up over playing with the kids. We had a lot of fun sitting around with the camera all trying to get into the photos. It soon turned into movie making and this lead to an ever larger crowd of laughing children. It certainly was a positive and fun last afternoon.


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