Hello Mornay

I flew from Bentiu to Khartoum and spent a good few days relaxing at the office, the hotel and the guesthouse, catching on up email and making a few calls home to close friends and family. I discovered a whole other side of the city with a large new shopping mall allowing fast, easy and slightly boring shopping for supplies, and a ten pin bowling alley complete with overpriced drinks.

Although finished in south Sudan I've been asked to go to a place in the far west of Sudan called Mornay to help with the closure of a mission there for the next month of so. I'm quite excited at the prospect of being able to see some more of the country and help with another whole aspect of MSF operations.

First stop for me was the capital of El Genina and a stay with the small Darfur coordination team based here. As we landed on the dirt airstrip, with various crashed aircraft left discarded along the sides of the runway, I noticed the same menacing green attack helicopters parked on the tarmac as in Khartoum. I've not had a chance to see much of the rest of the village.

The logistics coordinator Julian has just finished his mission here and so the good timing for me meant some roast sheep today with the local staff. I really try to accept the Sudanese group dining experience, but I do find it difficult to eat with my hands, and slightly off putting to be eating from the same bowls and plates. I guess it's simply not a skill that comes as easily as you might expect, I'll have to keep practicing.


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