Changing Plans

Well, one minute I planning out my three month stint as Supply Logisitian in the wet sprawling capital of Ethiopia, next minute I am much closer to the field in a place called Sodo, which is well to the south of the country on the foothills of green mountains. I've been so surprised at how beautiful Ethiopia is, and how the wrong the image I have fixed still in my subconscious is. All around are ploughed fields full of crops, it rains every day, and I wish I had my gumboots.

Sodo is the main coordination for the project but there is still a lot of setup and organisation to be undertaken. I seem to be just keeping ahead of a wave of materials coming from Addis. It is great to be able to see the special vitamin enriched grain called Famix being prepared in the factory, buying 50 tons, sending it off to Sodo, only to be standing there when it arrives with a half finished store! Maybe next I'll see it dished out in the field.

It continues to rain and some of the expats in Gocho, the real field mission in the mountains to the west, have been cut off due to poor roads. It seems I was borrowed from Addis for a couple of days, but now might be the supply log here? Who knows, things keep changing fast here. It is certainly is exciting being part of an emergency mission where you really are playing catch up on the plans every minute of the day.


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