The Green Mountains of Ethiopia

So, three different jobs in three days, now I really don't know if I have been promoted or demoted! I awoke in the morning and was told that it had been decided, sometime after I went to bed, to open a new field project in a place called Wamura. A doctor, nurse and myself for logistics would leave immediately. I grabbed my small bag, and then starting grabbing things from the store that I knew would be useful for a setup, some blankets, a satellite phone and computer, a water filter.

Then it was into the four wheel drive and onto the road into the mountains. The hills around here certainly are amazing and really remind me of Nepal, with little ridge line villages with spectacular views off each side down into the green valleys below. The roads wind there way up and down, with alternating rough rocky sections on the ridges, and soft clay and mud in depressions, or where waterways cross the road.

On arrival we were hosted in the local health centre by the very helpful head nurse Abiyot. As it turns out there is a half finished building that we can use for the project here and really it just needs some windows to be usable. Tomorrow there will be meetings with the local leaders, and a tour of town to select a site for the program clinic, the stores, and further houses for accommodation of relocated local staff. It will be interesting to see where we can possibly pitch several large tents, as there doesn't seem to be any flat land that I can see?


Amanda said…
Hi Richard,

This is a bit of random contact but I'm thinking that my brother Matthew Ball may be with you on this project? My name's Amanda and I was on google maps just now trying to find out where exactly Wamura was in Ethiopia and I came across your blog. Figure there can't be too many of you over there so thought I had to say hello.

I've had a brief email from Matt, but understand the difficulties of communication, so to be able to read your blog and get a little more detail is fantastic.

Hope all's going well for the team, it's great work you're doing. Look forward to your next posting.


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