Dakar Farewell

My time is up for Dakar and my last weekend was an excellent send off. Elodie has had some family relations living here as well that we have visited several times. They won a plane flight in a raffle and wondered if we would like to come along as well, and of course the one hour flight over the Dakar peninsular was spectacular. The next day we also had a second visit together to the island of Goree which is undoubtedly the jewel of Senegal, its just so peaceful and beautiful. Recommended to anyone visited western Africa.

My language skills have not really improved with my weeks trying to learn French here, and I wish that I had bought both a bike and a kayak when I first got here, but otherwise I think my time here has been a good experience. The frustration of not being fully occupied, even with the little accounting job and host of other interests which I kept up with, was something I've found hard though and will be working to avoid in the future.


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