Good Men, Bad Men

There are many poeple you meet along the way when travelling, some good, some bad. Often you don't really know until after you have left them far behind.

Some of the really great people have I meet in the last few days were the other locals making their way around Maurtiania on the various forms of transport: pickups (on the back with the goats), shared taxis (think four in the back seat), an iron ore train (travel on top for free). I learnt a few things along the way, like you need your Beduin head scarfe to keep out the dust and sand, don't go off the road because of landmines, and always take twice the water you think you'll every drink and then some more.

Some of the not so nice people were also keen to help, but for a price. The boarder patrol guys were particularly unsettling, along with the taxi drivers when they know your options are very limited.

The scenery is amazing, soring cliffs on the road to the once thriving ancient city of Chengetti, the sweeping dunes of the Sahara just outside town, the rich green of the oasis palm trees contrasted with the red of the dessert sand.


patrick said…
That's an awesome picture of the desert... is it really like that or is there a city around the corner like at the Pyramids (or so I am led to believe!?!)

And yup - I really dislike border people... they do have The Power..

Banff mountain film festival this weekend.. you'll be missed :)

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