Jebal Tubkal

It seems to me that no matter how badly prepared and under equipped you think you are, when it comes to the highest or most well known mountains of the world, there are always many people less prepared than yourself. So it was with Jebal Tubkal, the highest hill in the High Atlas Range. I turned up with a route description, summer sleeping bag, lightweight boots and only some idea what to expect. Others that I met had no map at all, no sleeping bag, no raincoat, and little more than tevas for there feet!

Everyone seemed to make it to the top regardless (4000m odd), with great weather, only a little snow, and some great views in spite of a little heat haze. There ceratainly was quite a crowd in all, with a number of quite large guided groups, a whole host of guided couples, and then the odd ball do-it-your-self crew, me included. For a general little movie view from the top check out, otherwise just stick with the photo, which is complete with my american friend modelling the local fashion straight out of Star Wars.

While the villages were very pretty, clinging to the hillsides with terraces of wheat and rice, and the main river valleys were green with plentiful water, the main range of the Atlas was dry and rocky. An easy wander in summer, but it would make for an adventurous winter expedition.


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